Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with us!

中秋献礼,别样团圆 别克加拿大祝您节日快乐 



Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with us!

Traditionally, families reunite and celebrate with paper lanterns, a feast and moon cakes while they admire the full moon with loved ones. This year, we wanted to celebrate this special occasion by collaborating with a local bakery to create custom moon cakes with a modern twist – because at Buick, we pride ourselves in bringing a level of sophistication to our consumers through our modern approach to design and technology.
别克选择和Christopher Siu, 多伦多Daan Go Cake Lab的创始人合作,正是因为我们看到了Chris对行业和创作的热情及灵感 - 作为在加拿大长大的中国香港后裔,他总能将中国及东亚的传统元素融入到西方的设计理念之中,创造了无数视觉味觉都成为爆款的糕点作品。
So, We partnered with Christopher Siu, founder of Daan Go Cake Lab, to develop custom moon cakes by drawing inspiration from his East Asian heritage and Western upbringing to create a unique combination of flavours for our contest prizing.
To celebrate this special occasion we also partnered with Chinese Canadian influencers in Toronto and Vancouver and asked them to share Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations with us.

@boyuba @hellosylviaa @raintianie




Thank you all for entering our contest. And congratulations to our contest winners below:

  • Christina, F
  • Yumei, C 
  • Jessie, Z 
  • Karmen, W




  • Christina, F
  • Yumei, C 
  • Jessie, Z 
  • Karmen, W

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遇见新一代Buick Enclave,更大胆的设计,更全套的升级。流线造型的外观和抓人眼球的细节,造就Enclave凛然独特的气场;车舱内周到贴心的配置和设计,令您和家人的团聚时光更加美好

Introducing the New Buick Enclave with a bold new look and a ton of upgrades. On the outside, sculptural lines and expressive details give it a fresh, distinctive style. On the inside, an abundance of thoughtful features help you make the most of your family’s time together.



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