If your vehicle has available Surround Vision, it uses multiple cameras to display an overhead image of the area around your vehicle, along with Rear Vision Camera and front views. It works at low speeds and may help you park and avoid nearby objects.


Surround Vision combines the view from four different cameras to create a bird’s-eye view of the scene around the vehicle: The feature uses the rear camera, a forward-looking camera in the front grille/emblem area and two side-looking cameras mounted on each side mirror.

Here’s how the views work:
  • When in REVERSE, the Rear Camera View may be displayed next to the Surround View, depending on your vehicle
  • After shifting out of REVERSE and into a FORWARD gear, the Front Camera View is displayed next to the Surround View
  • When in a FORWARD gear at low speeds, the display may show the Front View and Surround View when a nearby object (approximately 1/3 of a metre away) is detected by the Front Park Assist system (if equipped)
  • The image is removed when you shift your vehicle into PARK, when your vehicle picks up speed or when you press the HOME icon when your vehicle is not in REVERSE


If your vehicle has an available HD Surround Vision, it uses digital cameras and offers more viewing options. You can select these using the button bar, either on the side of or bottom of your information screen, depending on your model.

You may see the following view options:

  • Front or Rear Camera View: Shows the area directly to the front or rear of your vehicle
  • Front or Rear Top-Down View: Shows a top-down view of the area around the front or rear of your vehicle
  • 3D Bowl View: Displays one of several views of the vehicle and its surroundings from different perspectives. 3D Bowl View is only available on some vehicles
    • To view, touch the desired BOWL VIEW perspective icon on the infotainment display when the camera app is active
  • Front Side or Rear Side View: Shows scene/objects next to the front or rear sides of your vehicle
  • Surround View: Shows a top-down bird’s-eye view of your vehicle’s surroundings


Can I use HD Surround Vision at highway speeds?

In most vehicles, the system cannot be used at speeds above 8 mph (12 kph).

To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.



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