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Difficulty Level: Novice  |  Time Required: 5 minutes  |  Tools Required: None |  Related Parts, Products, Services or Technology: Teen Driver-designated key fob

Teen Driver helps encourage safe driving habits for your teen. Available in most GM vehicles, it defaults active safety features your vehicle is equipped with to “on” when a Teen Driver-designated key fob is used and mutes the radio if detected front-seat occupants are not wearing their seat belts. It also allows parents to set some configurable settings such as a speed warning. Teen Driver can also issue a report card that provides feedback on how your new driver is doing behind the wheel.


1. Start by setting up the key fob. You can set up any vehicle key fob as the Teen Driver-designated key fob. Once complete, the Teen Driver features will activate whenever your teen uses that key fob. To begin, register the key fob as the Teen Driver key:

a. While in PARK, navigate to the Settings menu on your infotainment system and choose Vehicle; then choose Teen Driver.

b. Create a four-digit PIN number. This will prevent the teen from changing settings or deleting any data.

c. Depending on your infotainment system, select either “Add/Remove Teen Driver Keys” or “Setup Keys,” and follow the on-screen prompts. If equipped with Keyless Open and Start, the key fob must be placed in the designated pocket in order to register the key. See the “Remote Key Operation” section of your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for pocket location.

2. Next, you can configure these settings if equipped:

a. Audio Volume Limit: Set a volume limit for the radio or streaming device paired with the vehicle.

b. Speed Warning: Set a speed warning between 64 km/hr and 120 km/hr, which will give your teen a warning on the Driver Information Centre (DIC) and an audible chime.

c. Speed Limiter: Set a speed limit on the vehicle of 136 km/hr. On certain vehicles, when the Speed Limiter is turned ON, the vehicle’s maximum acceleration will be limited. The DIC will display a message that the acceleration is limited.

d. Buckle to Drive: Turn ON to prevent the teen from shifting out of PARK for 20 seconds after the brake pedal is pressed if on the driver or, on some vehicles the detected passenger, has not buckled their seat belt. On some vehicles, Buckle to Drive is always ON when Teen Driver is active and is not configurable.

e. SiriusXM® Explicit Content Filter: Doesn’t allow the teen to listen to explicit content on the vehicle’s SiriusXM Radio.


  • The radio or paired streaming device will stay muted until the detected front occupants buckle their seat belts
  • An object placed on the front passenger seat, such as a briefcase, handbag, grocery bag, laptop or other electronic device, could cause the passenger-sensing system to falsely sense an unbuckled front passenger and mute the radio. If this happens, remove the object from the seat
  • When the vehicle is low on fuel, the low fuel light on the instrument cluster flashes and the low fuel warning message cannot be dismissed
  • Any active safety systems the vehicle is equipped with are always on when Teen Driver is in use
  • The gap setting for Adaptive Cruise Control and alert timing for Forward Collision Alert, if equipped, cannot be changed
  • If you have Keyless Open and Start in your vehicle, the Teen Driver settings won’t work if both the Teen Driver key fob and the regular key fob are in the vehicle when it starts. It will only recognize the non-Teen Driver key
  • If your vehicle is equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking, do not tow a trailer when Teen Driver is in use 


  1. Access Teen Driver on your infotainment system using your PIN.
  2. Select “View Report Card” from the Teen Driver menu.
  3. Depending on the vehicle, you may see: distance driven, maximum speed, overspeed warnings, number of times the accelerator pedal was floored and when certain safety systems were triggered, such as Traction Control. 


Is there a way to tell my Teen Driver key(s) from non-Teen Driver keys?

All key fobs that come with your vehicle look the same. You should label the Teen Driver key(s) to easily identify them. When the vehicle is started with a Teen Driver key, the DIC (Driver Information Centre) displays a message that Teen Driver is active.

How many keys can I register as Teen Driver keys?

You can register as many as eight keys to be Teen Driver keys.

Is there a separate report card for each Teen Driver key?

There is only one report card per vehicle, even if you register more than one key.

How long will the report card collect information?

The report card will continue to collect data until it’s reset or the maximum count is exceeded. The maximum distance driven is 64,373 kilometres when Teen Driver is activated and the maximum event count is 1,000 recorded events.

How can I delete report card data?

There are two ways to delete report card data:

  1. Select the “Reset” button from the “Report Card” screen.
  2. Select “Clear PIN and All Teen Driver Keys” from the Teen Driver menu. This will also unregister any Teen Driver key(s) and delete the PIN. 

How can I unregister a Teen Driver key?

Select either “Add/Remove Teen Driver Key” or “Setup Keys” (depending on the infotainment system) and follow the on-screen prompts to unregister the key. You can also unregister all Teen Driver keys and clear the PIN by selecting “Clear PIN and All Teen Driver Keys.”



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