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Mobile Crash Response is a key safety service in the OnStar® Guardian App. It can detect a crash, and an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor can call to assist the Member.


Mobile Crash Response is a key safety service of the OnStar Guardian app. It can use the built-in sensors in a smartphone to detect a crash. When a crash occurs, the app alerts an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor, who can call the Member to help them and contact First Responders.

Not only will the Advisor provide First Responders with important crash information — including the vehicle’s location — they can assess the situation, provide medical instruction, even contact family members. And they’ll stay on the line with the Member until help arrives. 

A Member does not need to launch OnStar Guardian for the app to detect a crash. It can continuously run in the background as long as the user remains logged in and appropriate permissions are allowed.

Mobile Crash Response is available to anyone who has the app installed and an active subscription, no matter what make of car they drive or ride in. OnStar Guardian goes where the Member goes, whether they are the passenger or driver. The app can be used on Apple and Android devices.

In a crash situation, Android users will be automatically connected to an OnStar Advisor, even if they cannot reach the phone. Apple users will receive a call that they have to answer to be connected with the Advisor.


Is the OnStar Guardian app still working if I don’t see a notification on the app?

Once you’re logged into the OnStar Guardian App, it will remain active and functional in the background until you log out, even if you close the app. If you don’t see notifications while on your drive, then once the vehicle is in a parked state, you must enable notifications for the Guardian app in the system preferences on your device.



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