• Help support your community, through attending the Buick Drive For Your Students event.

For Dealers

Video for Buick dealers looking to host a Buick Drive For Your Students event.

Schools are constantly looking for ways to support their extracurricular activities and sports programs. With Buick Drive For Your Students, Buick dealerships team up with a school within their market area to host a one-day, test- drive event. Buick will donate $20 for every valid test drive taken, up to $10,000 for a single event.

Each participant that chooses to receive communication from GM Canada may receive a post-event purchase incentive. We’ll offer support from start to finish helping provide a world-class experience for everyone involved. In 2016, Buick Drive For Your Students led to over 32,000 test drives and 835 vehicles sold nationwide.

Help support your community while increasing test drives and sales for your dealership. Plan your event today.