• Raise up to $10,000 for your school, with the Buick Drive For Your Students event.


How much money can we raise?

Buick will donate $20 for every test drive, up to a maximum of $10,000 with 500 or more test drives.

What constitutes a valid test drive?

A test drive must follow these 3 rules to be considered valid: 1.) Waiver/Survey forms must be complete and legible; 2.) Two donations per household; 3.) Must be signed by dealership staff.

Where does the event happen?

Program HQ recommends holding the event at a school or mutually agreed upon location within the dealership’s market area. Events should not be held at the dealership. The dealership and school should work together to determine the time and date of the event. Events should be held on one day and at one location only. Program cannot be paired with soccer or hockey events. Dealers are responsible for adhering to all laws regarding off-site test-drives and vehicle displays.

How much staff and vehicles should I plan to bring to my event?

Each test drive must have a dealership employee in the vehicle. We recommend bringing 8-12 vehicles out to the event and 4-10 employees to work test drives, vehicle lounge and registration table (depending on expected traffic).

How long should I plan to have my event?

We suggest using a full day for an event (minimum 7 hours).

Who can drive?

Any insured person 18 years or older with a valid provincial driver’s licence can participate. The driver must have completed the provincial graduated licensing program in their area. School faculty and staff are eligible to participate. Participants must complete waiver forms and the donation is limited to two participants per household.

How long should my test drive route be?

We suggest to have each test drive be about 7-10 minutes long. To ensure a smooth flow of test drives, we recommend to avoid busy intersections, left turns and red lights to limit the amount of traffic disruptions.

Can we include GMC vehicles in this event?

While this program is designed to elevate the Buick brand, a limited number of GMC vehicles will be allowed. Please note that all POS and advertising will include Buick only.

Which vehicles will be available?

Vehicles must be dealer-owned, insured and plated. Buick dealers should bring a full lineup of products with the highest trim level available. The dealership will determine what vehicles to feature at the event (minimum of 10 vehicles) and at least one model of each Buick.

How many events can I host each year?

Dealers may host one event. If a dealership participated last year, they must use a different school.

Can I work with more than one school club?

Yes, supporting multiple clubs or the entire student body increases the chance to reach the $10,000 donation. Only one cheque will be sent to the school. The school reserves the right to distribute the funds among the clubs and activities.

I have more than one school in my market area. Can I work with multiple schools?

Yes, you may work with multiple schools for one event. However, each event will be capped at $10,000 total donation. Dealers must ensure that each school is within their marketing zone. Any event scheduled outside the marketing boundaries are subject to cancellation or modification by Program HQ. Only one cheque per school will be issued.

How should I promote my event?

Publicize the event through flyers and posters in high-traffic areas around the school and dealership. Partner with local businesses to promote the event in their offices. Send invitations and announcements to community leaders. Reach out to the media through press releases. Use social media to generate buzz around the community!

How long does it take for the school to receive their cheque?

Schools can expect to receive their cheque approximately 5-6 weeks from the day all forms and paperwork are received. Cheque will only be made to the school directly. Dealership and schools should not announce the total donation amount until they receive their cheque. Prompt return of forms ensures timely shipment of payment. All waivers must be returned within 2 days of the event.